We supply PFA lined Valves & Thermoplastic Valves manufactured by UNP and they are the world’s largest producer of Lined valves and 100% they produce themselves.

They own Casting plant, Machine Shop, Moulding shop and final assembly & testing. Our Lined Valves are completely produced by our factory UNP and they never outsource any products to any vendors and we have about 250 people working round the clock in our world class Lined Valves facility

UNP buy ORIGINAL PFA from worlds top class teflon producers from USA and the Founder & CEO Mr Amit Shah has experience of producing Lined Valves & Lined Control Valves since 1988 and he is highly respected in the Valve Industry of Corrosion & Abrasion applications.

He is the official speaker in various Chlorine Institute across the globe and most preferred solution provider for Corrosion in the Global arena We have fully operational warehouse in Houston, Tx and we keep inventory of our UNP Lined valves with full support from our UNP Factory.  .We have Fugitive Emission approved Ball, Plug and Butterfly and all are fully lined.

Lined Valves

We Supply High Pressure Control Valves under the brand of DJRK and produced with our RK Control Valves facility and they are producing Control Valves since 1969. World class technology, with proven references & install base with our quick delivery & technical capability we are able to supply Control Valves to minimal to any project requirements in given time.

We are pioneer in Process Industry applications such as Chemical & Boiler Industry and we have lot of Installations of these valves across the globe

Technical Director Mr Shyam Jethwani has rich 25 years of Experience in Designing Control Valves and we have a team of 50+ engineers and 100 members in the factory to produce world class Control Valves.

Control Valves

We can supply our indigenously developed Safety / Pressure Relief Valves type tested at National Board Laboratory USA & received ASME/UV/NB stamp Certification for Safety Relief Valves.

We offer our expertise globally to various industries namely Power Plants, Petrochemicals, Refineries, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Dairy, Steel & Power, Plastic Industries with below products

  • Safety Valves.

  • Self Actuated Pressure Control Valves

  • Nitrogen Blanketing systems,

  • Tank Protection Devices

  • Gas Conditioning, Pressure Regulating & Metering Skids.

Safety Relief Valves or Pressure Reducing Valves

We offers Sleeved plug valves with Bi Directional Flow Inline PTFE Sleeve surrounds the Plug.

Ours is Unique Body & Plug Design for Low Torque Operation & Self-Sealing Design suitable for vacuum service, low maintenance cost, cavity free.

Sleeved Plug Valve

We produce full range of Instrumentation valves and this brand of ours is approved in Major Oil producing company and also with several approvals from OEM’s.

Completely Integrated facility and delivery is very quick in meeting any volume

Instrumentation Valves

We produce full range of Bellow Seal Valves and we are approved by Euro-Chlor for Chlorine Applications ,approved by major giants such as Chevron, Sabic ,

Project reference in Shell-BP, Cryogenic and Fugitive Emission approved. Please write to us to know more details about Bellow Seal Valves.


We market Euro-Chlor Valves other than Gulf Coast.

We can also do Bellow seal Gate valves & other Globe & Gate valves with Exotic alloys.

Special Globe and Gate Valves

UNP Manufactures the wide range of Pipes & Fittings for Corrosive applications in various grades of Metal systems from Carbon steel to Stainless steel. We have the Capacity of pipes from ½” to 54” Sizes can be made in our own facility and also having protective painting facility available.

Pipes and Fittings